Welcome 2023!

Hello friends! We are grateful to be breeding AKC Bernese Mountain dogs and Bernedoodles for 8 years in 2023. We love our families, we love our puppies, and we love our mamas.

Ron has been breeding animals since a young adult when Ron managed his family’s 140 cow dairy herd. His mom, Lois, was a tenderhearted farm wife who raised orphaned animals from nature, including Babe, an orphaned deer found while mowing a hayfield. Ron grew up helping care for farm animals in addition to family pets, including two German Shepherds.

Once Ron and I married, we have raised litters from our family pets, including Shelties and German Shepherds. In 2015, we lost both of our dogs, and Ron was enamored by the beauty of Bernese Mountain Dogs, before they were trendy. We added Maggie to our family; she has been Ron’s faithful partner. Our younger girls, Lacy and Sandy, love playing together and walking with Ron and Maggie nightly across our creek and in the wide open pasture behind our home.

Our girls are at home on the farm. Though we no longer milk cows, the girls share our farm family with boer goats, fainting goats, and beef cattle.

If you’d like to be on a wait list for one of this year’s litters of AKC Bernese Mountain dogs or mini-bernedoodles, contact Ron at picketfencepups@gmail.com or text or call Ron at 260-336-0712.